The Stannard Group collect information at several different points on this website in order to enhance the service and experience of the website visitor. The Stannard Group is the sole owner of the information collected. Under no circumstances will the Stannard Group sell, share or rent this information in any manner to any unaffiliated third parties, unless required by law. The Stnnard Group may engage with customers or prospective customers through social media channels such as facebook, youtube, Instagram, etc, however no personal information is collected by us through these channels unless explicit consent s provided by you. The Stannard Group may contain links to other websites. The Stannard Grouip is not responsible for the privacy practices or the contact of such websites. Third parties may independently collect information about our website visitors through ads or other communications from these third parties. If a visitor would not like those companies to collect information about them, they should contact these companies directly.

Privacy of clients

Personal information collected by The Stannard Group generally comprises of names, addresses, dates of birth, gender, marital status, occupation, contact details and limited financial information. The Stannard Group collects personal information whenever a client makes an enquiry, request information in respect to product or service provided by the Stannard Group. The Stannard Group collects this information with the consent of the client.

The Stannard Group collects personal information to enable them to

  • Provide clients with the products and services that they request.
  • Provide newsletters with relevant information, products, services or upcoming promotions.
  • Provide relevant information to contractors to assist the Stannard Group to provide the products and service requested by the client.
  • Comply with any legal obligations including dealing with local authorities.
  • May provide personal information to it’s solicitors if necessary

The Stannard Group holds this information in a secure fashion and other than as set out above will not disclose this information to anyone else without the consent of the individual. Should an individual have a privacy complaint, The Stannard Group request that the individual contacts the main office to discuss the complaint. The individual may lodge a privacy complaint with the Stannard Group by phoning the general manager at our office number.

The Stannard Group will conduct an investigation of the complaint and provide a written report on the outcome.

This privacy policy takes effect from February 2016